Psychological Safety
Psychological Safety

Psychological safety

Skill Sprint - Leadership & Talent Empowerment Month

Have you ever felt that your team members are reluctant to share their opinions or take risks? Many teams lack an essential element: psychological safety. This is the foundation for a culture where innovation, collaboration and team health can flourish.

Imagine a team where everyone feels valued and respected. Where openness and trust are the norm and where team members feel free to share ideas and take risks. Our Skill Sprint 'Psychological Safety' is designed to help you achieve this transformation.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and communicate the importance of psychological safety in teams.
  • Creating a culture of openness and trust within your team.
  • Implement strategies that promote psychological safety.


  • What is Psychological Safety? Its importance for successful teams.
  • Characteristics of a Safe Work Environment: How do you recognise and create it?
  • Trust and Openness: Build and maintain these values in your team.
  • Techniques for Psychological Safety: Practical methods to foster a supportive culture.
  • Managing Challenges: Addressing conflict without compromising psychological safety.

Experiential learning at The House of Coaching

At The House of Coaching, we stand for learning is most effective when it is interactive, practical and immediately applicable. Our Skill Sprints are carefully designed to give you not only knowledge, but also the skills you need to create positive change in your team.

Month theme: Leadership & Talent Empowerment Month

This Skill Sprint is an important part of our 'Leadership & Talent Empowerment Month'. It is a unique opportunity to strengthen your leadership skills and create a supportive, innovative team culture.

Join this essential Skill Sprint and become the leader who creates a safe and supportive work environment. Register now and make a difference in your team.

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