Working with resistance
Working with resistance

Working with resistance

Skill Sprint - Leadership & Talent Empowerment Month

Do you sometimes experience resistance within your team or organisation? Resistance can be a major challenge, especially during change processes. It can hinder the growth and development of your team and lead to conflict.

Imagine that you can turn this resistance into something positive. That you can address the root causes of conflict and develop effective communication strategies to facilitate change. Our Skill Sprint 'Working with Resistance' provides you with the insights and skills to achieve this.

Learning Objectives

  • Dealing with resistance in your team.
  • Recognising and addressing causes of conflict.
  • Develop strategies for effective communication and change management.


  • What is Resistance? Understanding what resistance is and why it occurs.
  • The Positive Intention Behind Resistance: Finding out the underlying reasons for resistance.
  • Turning Resistance to Assistance: Techniques to positively harness resistance.
  • The 4 Levels of Resistance: Understanding the different forms and how to deal with them.
  • Strategies for Change Processes: Effective methods to manage resistance in change processes.

Experiential Learning at The House of Coaching

At The House of Coaching, we believe in learning through experience. Our Skill Sprints are interactive and focused on practical application. You not only learn the theory, but also how to put it into practice in your daily work.

Leadership & Talent Empowerment Month

This Skill Sprint is part of our 'Leadership & Talent Empowerment Month'. It is a great opportunity to strengthen your skills in leadership and change management.

Take the Lead in Change

Sign up for the Skill Sprint 'Working with Resistance' and become the catalyst for positive change in your team and organisation.

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