Deep Trance
Deep Trance

Deep Trance

With our two-day Masterclass 'Deep Trance', you will transform from an ordinary conversationalist to a conversational wizard who can influence, motivate and inspire.

Are You Stuck in Conversations That Really Matter?

We all know it. You have an important conversation, but the words just don't seem to get through. Imagine missing out on life-changing opportunities because of this limitation.

Unleash the power of your words

With our two-day Masterclass 'Deep Trance', you will transform from an ordinary conversationalist to a conversation wizard who can influence, motivate and inspire. This will teach you hypnotic conversation techniques to apply in important conversations, coaching calls, sales calls, speeches and storytelling.

In addition, we will also work on techniques which people will use in no time:

  • feel at ease
  • feel good about themselves
  • can draw on a wealth of inner 'resources'
  • become more energetic
  • become motivated
  • becoming more enthusiastic
  • becoming curious and eager to learn
  • learn more easily
  • change faster and deeper
  • creative and generative thinking
  • connect more easily with other people
  • ...

The application possibilities are as rich as your own creativity allows.

What Will You Learn?

  • Discover the power and potential of trance in communication.
  • Difference between direct and indirect hypnosis.
  • Consciousness vs unconsciousness
  • Learn how to bypass criticality for more effective communication.
  • From basic to advanced induction techniques.
  • Mindscaping according to Mike Mandel.
  • Power language: Meta-Model and Milton Model
  • Generative Trance and Storytelling
  • Techniques for rapid trance induction and deep hypnotic states.


The Basics of Trance and Hypnosis

  • Introduction to Trance: What is trance and how is it different from hypnosis?
  • Direct vs Indirect Hypnosis: Learn about the two approaches and when to use them.
  • Recognising Trances: How do you know someone is in a trance?

Language Patterns and Induction Techniques

  • Power Language: Dive deep into the Meta Model and the Milton Model.
  • Induction Techniques: From basic to advanced, including Mindscaping.
  • Quick Induction Techniques: REM induction, breathing by hand, and more.

Indepth Techniques and Applications

  • Generative Trance: How to use stories and nested loops for profound change.
  • Deep Induction Techniques: Fractination, Elman induction, and other advanced methods.
  • Practical Applications: Problem-solving timelines, generative trance with finger signals, and more.

What Will You Get All?

  • Blended Learning: instant access to handouts in PDF format, online training videos and handy templates.
  • Practical: Practice with real cases and get immediate feedback.
  • Network opportunities: Meet like-minded people from coaching, sales and other related fields.

Do you also want to learn to have conversations with your clients, coachess, colleagues, friends and acquaintances?

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