NLP Master Practitioner
Certified NLP Master Practitioner

NLP Master Practitioner

Learn to apply systemic NLP techniques in teams and organisations for better collaboration, leadership and culture change

Build on your NLP Practitioner skills and learn essential principles and techniques that you can use as a leader, manager, coach or consultant. This training is for those who want to influence and lead people and organisations in a sustainable and constructive way.

After this programme, you will be able to:

Develop a flexible mindset and adapt it easily to changing circumstances.Recognise and reverse limiting patterns in people's and teams' behaviour.Change limiting beliefs.Align people and teams towards desired goals.Make changes in organisational culture.Gain insight into systemic dynamics in people and organisations.Create powerful systemic attractors.Lead people and teams through change in a sustainable wayUse storytelling and storytelling techniques to motivate people and set them in motion.

Flexible programme

This NLP Master Practitioner consists of 24 half-day sessions. These sessions are flexibly scheduled as half-day, evening and/or full-day sessions. Scheduling is done flexibly, in mutual agreement between participants and trainers.

Module 1 - Leader Coach
One of the key principles is that you can adopt and integrate the practices of successful people. This module introduces you to the principles and methods of leadership and coaching.

Module 2 - Personal Mastery & Generative Fields
In this module, you will integrate NLP skills across all levels. At the same time you learn systemic and generative techniques to support yourself and others in your own personal development.

Module 3 - Belief Change
We like to hold on to our beliefs. Whether they are limiting or not. Here you learn very effective techniques to change them. 

Module 4 - Cultural Change
Cultural Change. We often hear the term when something changes in the organisation. But how exactly do you approach cultural change? Here, you learn to use a rich and highly effective toolset to move the culture in an organisation in a desired direction.

Module 5 - Storytelling
Those who can inspire and motivate people achieve results. Stories can help you do that. They are powerful, natural tools that we have been using for centuries to pass on knowledge and teach behaviour.

Module 6 - Integration
In this master class, you present your own case. Here you integrate all your insights and NLP skills!

Blended learning

From the moment you register, you get access to the following resources:

the syllabus in e-book format;online training videos and demos;an online library with elaborated coaching exercises and procedures;one individual coaching session, to be arranged with one of the trainers/coaches.

Thanks to these online resources, you can start working on your NLP Skills right away. You learn at your own pace and are supported by our trainers. The 'live' training sessions focus mainly on interaction and learning to put the techniques into practice.

Flexible learning at your own pace

Our NLP Master Practitioner training pathway is designed as a 'Flex training'. This means you get immediate access to the online training modules and have the freedom to participate in 24 practice sessions of your choice. You decide when to start and which sessions to join, allowing you to learn at your own pace. 

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