Empowering Conversations
Empowering Conversations

Empowering Conversations

Leadership & Talent Empowerment Month Skill Sprint

Do you often feel stuck in 'difficult conversations' where it seems like no progress is being made? These conversations can be exhausting and often do not lead to the desired results, which is frustrating in both professional and personal settings.

In this Skill Sprint, we apply the principles and techniques to see every 'difficult conversation' as an opportunity to turn it into an 'Empowering Conversation'.

Learning Objectives

After this Skill Sprint, you will be able to:

  • lead any conversation from a problem to a desired outcome.
  • lead people to shared values and vision.


In this online workshop, we will learn methods for promoting openness and honesty in conversations, active listening, and encouraging constructive dialogue.

  • Distinguishing between self-other-system
  • Distinction between logical levels in communication
  • Distinction between intention - meaning
  • Perception & model of the world
  • Reframing techniques

Experiential learning at The House of Coaching

The House of Coaching stands for experiential learning. As a participant, you continuously engage with theory through practical, experiential exercises that teach you to apply your skills in real situations. We facilitate the learning process through maximum interaction and sharing of experiences. That's learning that really sticks!

Leadership Month Skill Sprint

This Skill Sprint is being organised once as part of our special 'Leadership & Talent Empowerment Month' at The House of Coaching. This unique online workshop is an unmissable opportunity for anyone looking to strengthen their leadership and communication skills.

So sign up for this Skill Sprint immediately and become a master at turning challenging conversations into empowering dialogues.

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