Help, mijn papa is een coach
Help, mijn papa is een coach

Help, my daddy is a coach

"Karl Mortier invites you into a story where his daughter Leonie asks her teddy bear the profound question: 'What does my daddy actually do for work?'"


"With a closing speech by Philip Mestdagh - Former Coach  Belgian Cats and current coach of  Polish top club Gdynia"

Have you ever looked at your profession through the eyes of a child? Eight-year-old Leonie did, and her innocent question to her teddy bear revealed a world ripe for discovery and understanding.

In "Help, my daddy is a coach", Karl Mortier takes us on a colourful journey that reveals the essence of coaching - as seen through the wondering eyes of his daughter Leonie. This beautifully illustrated book offers not only stories but also life lessons, packed with a healthy dose of humour.

Karl Mortier is known for his innovative approach to coaching, training and facilitation, combining the power of NLP with the joy of drawing and the richness of humour. As a certified NLP Master trainer/facilitator and loving father, he brings his passions together with this book to inspire both young and old.

This is more than a book; it is a mirror to the soul of coaching, through the influential eyes of both a child and an expert. With inspiration from NLP great Robert Dilts, Karl unlocks the transformative power of discovering our inner child.

"Among other things, discover how a simple puzzle game between father and daughter can lead to a deeper understanding of personal goals and ambitions..."

Can I use this book as a tool in my own coaching practice?  Absolutely! "Help, My Dad is a Coach" offers insights and anecdotes that you can use to enrich your coaching approach.

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Dive into the world of 'Help, my daddy is a aoach' and be taken on an unforgettable journey. Order now and share in the unique perspective on life as a coach!

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