Graphic Recording is essentieel voor uw succes!
 Graphic Recording is essentieel voor uw succes!

3 techniques for greater visual impact

Make your event unforgettably successful... 

In the world of communication and idea sharing, visualisation plays a crucial role. 

The ability to turn complex concepts into visual presentations is a powerful tool that enables people to better understand and remember information. 

One method we are actively using and gaining popularity is graphic recording. On-the-spot input during a lecture, event,... into a visualisation. 

In this blog, we explore the benefits and  significance of graphic recording. It is a valuable tool for enhancing your communication and impact during conferences, events, ...

Visualisation appeals to everyone

Humans are visual creatures. Our brains process visual information much faster and easier than text. Graphic recording uses images, symbols and colours to represent ideas and concepts. This makes it easier for people to understand, process and remember information. By displaying the message visually, you reach a wider audience and increase the impact of your communication.

  1. Impact through engagement and interaction

    Graphic recording is not just a one-way communication tool. It also encourages engagement and interaction between speakers and the audience. While the presentation is recorded in a visual display afterwards, people can actively participate by offering ideas, asking questions and making comments. This promotes a dynamic exchange of thoughts and creates engagement.

  2. Impact through lasting memories

    How many times have you forgotten a presentation as soon as you left the room? Human memory is often limited, especially when it comes to dry information. Graphic recording helps improve and recall information. The powerful visual elements used in graphic recording impress our brain and increase the chances of remembering the message. By using visual notes, participants can easily return to the main points afterwards and retain the essence of the presentation.  And that makes the event memorable on all levels.

  3. Impact through creativity and innovation

    Graphic recording not only encourages speakers to think creatively, but also inspires the audience to generate new ideas. The visual representation of ideas and concepts provides a stimulating environment that stimulates the imagination and gets the creative juices flowing. By encouraging people to actively participate in the process, graphic recording can be a fertile ground for innovative ideas and solutions. Graphic recording is innovation in action.

Graphic recording is much more than just drawing pictures during a presentation. It is a powerful and impactful communication tool.

Want to learn these techniques yourself? Then follow the online Visual Practitioner training course or come to the live Visual Practitioner Certification training course.

Karl Mortier is Gecertifieerd NLP Master trainer en facilitator, gespecialiseerd  in en gepassioneerd door visualisatie in zijn interventies in coachen, trainen en faciliteren.

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