Powerful stories and techniques for self-management and collaboration.

You work with people in a team, a family, an association or a project. As an active member of your team, you enjoy making your contribution. Yet you notice that not everyone is equally involved. Some seem more like spectators than active participants. Frustrating, isn't it? Especially when you know that so much more would be possible if everyone really worked together.

That is exactly what "Game Breakers: from cooperating to collaborating" is all about. This book is your guide to transforming passive collaborators into active contributors in any collaborative environment. Whether you run a family, run a business or have political ambitions, the methods and insights in this book are universally applicable.

If you are ready to take collaboration in your team, family or organisation to the next level, you are in the right place! This book is your key to achieving common goals in a way that benefits everyone.

When cooperation falters

It sometimes seems like everyone is on their own little island, preoccupied with their own tasks. Synergy is lacking, leaving the group's true potential untapped. It is like being in a car whose wheels turn in different directions. You simply don't move forward.

In writing management books, we have to do better as authors than say 50 years of writers. In literature, we have to be better than several centuries of writers. What Inge puts down in the opening story of Spellbreakers is top notch!"

- Marc Buelens

The high price of missed opportunities

And let's face it, that stagnation costs you more than you think. Missed deadlines, substandard results and even conflict can be the result. It is not only frustrating; it is also demotivating for everyone involved. The price you pay for a lack of genuine collaboration is high, emotionally, practically and economically.

Read the book at lightning speed, immensely interesting! A 'must have' for every team lead and entrepreneur.

- Stefaan Joos

Keys to true collaboration

"Game breakers: from collaborating to cooperating" is your guide to a new way of interacting. This book offers you concrete methods and insights to turn passive employees into active contributors. It unlocks the power of self-direction and coaching leadership. It is a blueprint for creating an environment where everyone not only participates, but actively contributes to achieving common goals. Best of all, these principles are applicable in any context, whether you are part of a family, a company, a political organisation or a sports team.

What appealed to me about the book 'Game Breakers' is the interplay between theory and practice."

- Marc Buelens

The authors

Steff Vanhaverbeke

A certified business coach and trainer with more than two decades of experience, Steff focuses on 21st-century skills and creating lasting impact.

Hans Demeyer

An inspirational speaker and non-conformist, Hans combines storytelling and NLP to motivate teams and make complex concepts understandable.

Inge Slabbinck

With a quarter-century of experience in sales and coaching, Inge is an expert in motivating teams and implementing change in corporate cultures.

Mireille De Keuleneir

A sales professional with 20 years of experience and a Masters in Systemic NLP, Mireille is an expert in empowering individual strengths for team success.

Sarah Hofman

A passionate student who played a crucial role in the data collection and analysis for this book, Sarah's contribution makes her an indispensable co-author.

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