De Kracht van Mastermind groepen: Samen Slimmer en Succesvoller
De Kracht van Mastermind groepen: Samen Slimmer en Succesvoller

The power of Mastermind: Smarter and More Successful Together

What is a Mastermind group?

A Mastermind group is a team of people inside or outside an organisation, working together temporarily to help each other grow, both personally and professionally. A Mastermind group is a temporary group of up to 1 year.  The idea comes from Napoleon Hill, a writer who introduced the concept in his 1937 book "Think And Grow Rich". According to Hill, the power of a Mastermind Group is not one individual, but the combined intelligence of all members. It is a place where 1 + 1 equals 3, thanks to the "third mind" that emerges when people work together.

How does it work?

A Mastermind group is not a class or a networking group; it is, however, an advisory board of peers. The group meets regularly, either in person or online, to discuss challenges, offer advice and support each other. The goal is for each member to see change and growth in their life and work.

Why join?

  1. Feedback and Brainstorming: Members share ideas and get feedback to discover new possibilities.
  2. Responsibility: The group holds you accountable for achieving your goals.
  3. Support: You get a network of people who support you in your professional and personal growth.

Who can join?

People with similar interests, skills and ambitions are ideal candidates. It is important that all members are motivated to grow and willing to contribute to the group.

The role of the Facilitator

A good Mastermind Group needs a facilitator. This person is not a teacher or coach, but someone who leads the discussion, provides focus and helps solve any problems within the group.

Benefits of a Mastermind Group

  1. New Ideas: Brainstorming with the group can lead to innovative solutions.
  2. Expert Advice: Access to the experience and skills of other successful people.
  3. Self Confidence: The support of the group can boost your self-confidence.
  4. Responsibility: The group holds you accountable, which helps you achieve your goals.
  5. Network: You build a valuable network of people who can help you in your career.
  6. Motivation: Group dynamics can give you extra motivation to pursue your goals.


Mastermind groups are a powerful tool for anyone seeking personal and professional growth. By harnessing the collective intelligence of the group, you can achieve your goals faster and more effectively. It is a worthwhile investment in yourself. 


Karl Mortier visited NLP University in Santa Cruz, near  Silicon Valley, this summer for a study tour led by Robert Dilts, a pioneer in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Karl is excited to share his new insights and concepts.  In this contribution, he was happy to share the power behind Mastermind groups. 

Convinced of the power of Master Mind and/or you want to share your experiences in your environment and need tips and tricks.  Get in touch with Karl Mortier.



"Karl Mortier is a Certified NLP Master Trainer and Facilitator, specialized in and passionate about visualization in his interventions in coaching, training, and facilitating.

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